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JQuery Gotchas!

  • Always name you form elements apart from id. JQuery will not serialize when you call form element e.g. $(“form”).serialize().
  • Instead of alerts for modern browsers one can use console.log($(“#myform”).serialize()); ,which can be viewed in the console.



Will keep this updated!


Togglable Tabs in Twitter Bootstrap

This is mostly my notes 🙂

Make sure the href element value(e.g. #idvalue ) of nav-tabs & the tab-pane id value are the same(e.g. idvalue).

If the tab element has href value #t1

<a href=”#t1″ data-toggle=”tab”>Section1</a>

then tab-pane id should be t1

<div class=”tab-pane active” id=”t1″>
<p>I’m in Section 1.</p>

Its not implied or easily visible in the documentation.

I’m a Java/C# developer, started to learn UI recently so its not obvious to me 🙂

Reference :