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JQuery Gotchas!

  • Always name you form elements apart from id. JQuery will not serialize when you call form element e.g. $(“form”).serialize().
  • Instead of alerts for modern browsers one can use console.log($(“#myform”).serialize()); ,which can be viewed in the console.



Will keep this updated!


JSF framework for Web 2.0

Just stumbled across an JSF framework.

The demo portal looks quite promising

I’m more comfortable with server-side user interface designing using component technologies.So this may not be suitable for high traffic websites but an awesome choice for enterprise applications

Togglable Tabs in Twitter Bootstrap

This is mostly my notes 🙂

Make sure the href element value(e.g. #idvalue ) of nav-tabs & the tab-pane id value are the same(e.g. idvalue).

If the tab element has href value #t1

<a href=”#t1″ data-toggle=”tab”>Section1</a>

then tab-pane id should be t1

<div class=”tab-pane active” id=”t1″>
<p>I’m in Section 1.</p>

Its not implied or easily visible in the documentation.

I’m a Java/C# developer, started to learn UI recently so its not obvious to me 🙂

Reference :