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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Retreiving closed down websites or archived websites

If you have been searching for a favorite website or some web page you had archived and lost it.Heres the place you should go.


How to mint money if you get laid off

Sue them.

Read: Layoffs Herald a Heyday for Employee Lawsuits[]

Typical Engineering Practices

Essential Java resources

Garbage Collection Friendly Programming

With JDK 5/6 things are getting more manageable in the JVM world.
Read more about GC friendly programming here.

Tracking the meltdown

CNET( is tracking the news of all the work force reduction happening across the US.Follow

Words of the day

Global meltdown
Financial crisis
Liquidity crunch
Global uncertainty
Cost cutting measures
Work force reduction
Cutting out the flab

Got this funny image from sum were about a new cost-cutting measure.